Pastry appliance and accessories
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Pastry appliance and accessories

Brand: Bestron
DetailsThe Bestron Sweet Dreams Chocolate Fountain makes every birthday, every party and every dessert buffet an extra festive occasion! For dipping fruit, cookies, waffles, cake, etc… Works with all types of liquid chocolate and chocolate callets/melts.Equipped with a sturdy stainless steel tower w..
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Spectrum Flow Airbrush Spectrum Flow Airbrush
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''What makes the Spectrum Flow Airbrush so great? Single action for ease of use. Large paint cup so no need to constantly refill. Works with Spectrum Flow colours and all other edible airbrush paints. Can spray both large areas and precise details. Comes with airbrush pen holder. Ideal for both novi..
115.00 €
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Brand: Wilton
DetailsA great set of prep bowls doesn't have to be boring. Why not get something that works well and looks great, too? The beautiful design makes it the perfect starter or start-over set. The Wilton set includes 3 sizes of bowls for any time you need a pinch or more of your ingredients. Handy half ..
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