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Brand: PME
DetailsMake beautiful crowns and tiaras with the PME stainless steel cutter set. Perfect for cutting out cookie dough, but also great for fondant, marzipan and more.Size: approx. 5 x 3,5 cm and 9 x 6 cm.Content: 2 cutters...
3.06 €
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Brand: PME
DetailsSet of 3 star-shaped plunger cutters. Sizes: 12mm, 8mm and 5mm. Creates the most beautiful stars. Roll out your fondant or marzipan thinly, place the plunger cutter and press into the paste to cut out the paste. Then press the plunger to remove the paste from the cutter...
6.60 €
Ex Tax:5.50 €
Brand: PME
DetailsMake lovely decorations with the PME heart cutter set. With this three piece cutter set you can make beautiful hearts of fondant, marzipan and more.Easy to clean and made of stainless steel.Size: 1,7 cm, 3,9 cm and 5,9 cm.Content: 3 cutters..
3.80 €
Ex Tax:3.17 €
Brand: PME
DetailsSet of 4 diamond-shaped cookie cutters. The extraction system (piston) facilitates the cutting of the diamondSize approx. 0.6cm, 1cm, 1.4cm, 2.5cm...
7.40 €
Ex Tax:6.17 €
Brand: PME
DetailsStainless steel rose petals cutters set 4 pieces. With these rose petal cutters in stainless steel, it is easy to make cookies, shortbread, but also decorations in sugar paste, marzipan or more.Lengths: 13, 22, 31 and 35 mm...
7.25 €
Ex Tax:6.04 €
Brand: FMM
Cutter set to create a 3D cot.Finished Baby Cot MeasurementsLength 7.2cmWidth 6.5cmHeight 8cm..
9.80 €
Ex Tax:8.17 €
Brand: PME
his set of plunger cutters produce quick and easy bone-shaped decorations to add to your cakes, cupcakes and cookies. The set includes three different sizes, making them ideal for a range of cake designs. Plunger cutters, sometimes called ejector cutters, are a great, straight-forward m..
8.80 €
Ex Tax:7.33 €
Brand: Sweet Stamp
Master the art of floral print impressions with Sweet Stamp's new Botanical Dream embossing set.Created from hand-drawn illustrations from world-renown cake designer 'The Caketress', these multi-use and food-safe plastic stamps endlessly mix and match, featuring leaves, stems, branches, flowers and ..
54.50 €
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Brand: Cake Star
Large Cake Star Star cutter set.3 piece40, 46 & 55mm..
5.80 €
Ex Tax:4.83 €
Brand: Cake Star
Press your plunger in to your paste to create a sweet blossom. A lovely sugar decoration for your girl's birthday cake.4 piece Dimensions: 6, 10, 15, 25mm..
5.90 €
Ex Tax:4.92 €
Brand: Cake Star
Create a sweet sugar decoration using this plunger cutter with Culpitt sugarpaste. A lovely girl's birthday cake decoration.4 piece Dimensions: 10, 20, 25, 35mm..
5.95 €
Ex Tax:4.96 €
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